Achieve your potential. Influence the decisions that you know are right. Learn from your mistakes and take action. Increase your confidence and the confidence of your team. A coach helps you to gain insight into the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that support or derail you achieving exceptional results. Coaching supports new behaviours that become new successful habits.


We believe that people and organizations work hard to be the best they can be. There comes a time when management is not satisfied with the organization's current performance and is interested in how to implement change. We help leaders communicate with and engage employees in those changes. We consult in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of programs that help managers achieve results through improved communication.


Management Development

Our blended learning approach includes a combination of case study, action learning, facilitated group learning and follow up coaching. This integrated approach promotes individual and team learning and accelerates mastery.


Unite people and improve decisions.  We ensure diverse perspectives, unique ideas, and distinct styles of communication are heard and considered in decision making. Even team meetings can be difficult to manage; the challenge only grows as groups get larger. Effective facilitators engage participants, foster productive dialogue, and focus attendees on the task at hand; cultivate a commitment to action and, provoke accountability.

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Performance Management

The purpose of implementing a performance management system is to optimize the organization’s resources in the achievement of organizational goals. It is to ensure that the organization has acquired and deployed the right talent, material and capital resources to achieve its current and emerging goals. The process of measurement and feedback allows the organization to monitor the effectiveness of the resource performance.

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Performance Assessment

You rely on data to inform your decisions. We can help you to separate the noise from the key issues.
Our approach to organizational assessment begins by defining the ideal state of what is being evaluated as key performance indicators.These key performance indicators translate peak performance into observable behaviours.This includes 360 degree multi-rater feedback.

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Wayne is a sought-after speaker. His presentations give audiences insightful and practical tips they can use immediately. Book Wayne for your next event. He can customize a presentation or seminar on the following topics:

  • Presentations that engage and inspire.
  • Do what the best business communicators do.
  • Get heard by understanding how the brain receives information.
  • Would you follow you?

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In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles and positions.

Margaret Wheatly, Leadership and the New Science


When asked why he continued to practice the cello three hours a day, Casals (then age 93) replied, “I’m beginning to notice some improvement.”

Aspirations achieved

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