Our Program

We have designed our programs to overcome the common problem of people engaging both time and money in training only to return to the job, get busy and never apply what they learn. We focus on those skills and behaviours that effective managers demonstrate and produce business results.

We know that lasting behavior change requires a combination of:

  • learning skills and behaviors
  • opportunities to practice concepts and new behaviours
  • reflection on what worked, what didn't and why not

Management Fundamentals Program

The Management Fundamentals program:

  • Explores leading management practices and minimizes time away from work, through facilitated interactive on-line modules
  • Accelerates learning through on the job practice
  • Builds a peer coaching practice across your organization, which supports continuous learning
  • Teaches managers how to learn, preparing then to excel in ever-evolving environments
  • Complements your performance management programs, through measurable learning outcomes

Program Elements

Program Design

Program Outcomes

Managers who participate in our program, manage with confidence. They...

Delivery Options

Our program is delivered through a facilitated on line platform that enables your managers to:

  • develop essential management behaviors while minimizing learning time away from they busy work schedules
  • learn from and support the development of colleagues from other company locations and departments
  • strengthens relationships across your organization

You have two delivery options

As part of the learning and development team for a global furniture manufacturer, I was looking for a program for our new managers to teach them basic management skills such as coaching and influencing team members. A colleague recommended Senga and I could not be more pleased with the result. We needed something that could be offered in a virtual classroom since our leaders are hired in so many different locations. Wayne and his team really listened to our vision for the program and have created an interactive, engaging program for our new leaders, which is receiving excellent feedback. Wayne and his team were extremely easy to work with. Their passion for creating a great learning experience was very evident throughout the process. I found them to not only be good consultants and course designers, but also great facilitators as well. I would recommend the Senga team to anyone and could certainly see working with them on other projects in the future.

- Jennifer Huff, Sr. Talent Management Consultant, Herman Miller, Inc.

The future of work is being shaped by extraordinary changes in technology, globalization and overwhelming information flow. Workers are asking for something different. They want a coach, not a boss. They want clear expectations, accountability, a rich purpose, and especially ongoing feedback and coaching. - Gallop