Audiences have changed.

They have little tolerance for time wasting or missing the emotional mark.

They have higher expectations for engaging, interesting delivery.

Your content is not going to make the difference in your communication.

YOU make the difference.

Over the last year we at Senga, have researched and developed programs that will help you:

  • Craft clear messages!
  • Make complex information understandable!
  • Engage and inspire your audience!

Webinar Series

Each of the four major aspects of creating excellent presentations are delivered in easy-to-access online sessions.  At 60 minutes each, these interactive and information filled sessions will give you specific examples of what to do, and what to avoid. 

See which webinars fit your needs: 
#1:  Engaging Audiences with Visuals #2:  Establishing Rapport with Storytelling

Learn to organize your presentation to create maximum interest and understanding.  Include images, pictures and symbol along with visual processing to engage your audience.  Understand the techniques available to influence people and better persuade them to see your point of view.

Learn to easily build and use compelling stories throughout your presentation to teach, inspire and motivate your audience.  Discover how to find exactly the story you need, quickly and easily and experience first-hand how storytelling ranks the highest of all ‘influencing’ strategies.

#3:  Lighten the Load of Data-Heavy Presentations #4:  Presentation Mastery

Multiple slides of mind-numbing charts, numeric tables and details can exhaust an audience.  Learn to make your data ‘speak’ to people in a compelling and engaging way.  Discover options for displaying complex data details so that everyone is satisfied.  Find out what are the most common mistakes with Excel charts and how to easily fix them. 

Explore the power and efficiency of templates, take them apart and put them back together.  Examine options for both free and paid professional looking templates along with design tips for the ‘non-designer’ so you can create your own.  Add sizzle to your presentations by including audio and video tracks and learn how to have music play exactly when you want.


Lunch and Learns

Provided at your location,  this presentation provides Presentation Tips ‘n Tricks taken from our webinars and workshops and are designed to stimulate and educate your staff.

Typically convened over the lunch hour with an extra half hour, the 90-minute presentation is filled with ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks in creating and delivering excellent presentations.  This single session format provides your organization with a number of advantages:

  • the experienced people in your organization will learn some valuable tips and techniques;
  • the semi-experienced people will identify where to focus their learning;
  • the inexperienced people will identify what is possible, and where they would like to focus their learning.    

Attendance is only limited to your seating capacity, and other than a projector for the instructor, no equipment is required.  A Lunch ‘n Learn is an easy approach to creating a learning event that will improve the level of communication within your organization.

Coaching and Workshops

Each of the 4 webinars is expanded to cover a full day of instruction.  Providing each participant with extensive hands-on practice, new concepts and procedures are well practiced and learned.  Retention and ease of use are greatly increased through the exercises the workshop provides.  One to one coaching is provided each participant to ensure a clear understanding of all the material.


Aspirations achieved

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