In the 21st century knowledge economy, nobody can work in a vacuum. And no one person or agency has all the answers.

As business accelerates, and as organizations face increased competition, effective collaborations are pivotal relationships. As we work to drive our clients’ success, we draw on our specialized allies.

 Senga is a trusted source to connect clients with alliances and associated business experts all qualified by their high caliber of service in their respective fields.

Expression Technology Inc.

Tom Berryhill, President

ETI provides full web development and technical support services. This enables clients to be as involved in managing the design and content of their website as they desire. No longer do clients need to send content or graphic updates to their web designer only to be placed in the queue to wait for the updates. Business demands quick response to information updates. ETI allows clients to have the control they need to ensure that their customers have the best information available. ETI's impressive suite of on-line data gathering and analysis tools use the web to engage and respond to client organizations’ decision needs. This relevant data enables our clients to acquire insight for focused decision making and problem solving.

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