The Senga Story

Who We Are

Formed in 2006, the idea of Senga was to establish a community of diverse experts to help leaders at all levels in organizations to improve their ability to engage and inspire others. The main ingredients were courage, compassion and a curiosity that feed an insatiable appetite for learning.

In fact, the name Senga means assembling the community to solve a problem. Sustainable organizations of any kind demonstrate the willingness and ability to listen, learn and call to action. They know how to think together and improve the quality of their decisions.This depends on a careful balance of intuition and knowledge, qualitative information and quantifiable facts.

Our Vision

The Senga community of consultants create opportunities for leaders to improve their impact by engaging and inspiring others.  

Extraordinary organizations develop cultures that attract the best talent, consistently provide outstanding products and services, and establish life long customers. The improved communication and inspiration of your leadership will result in sustained financial strength and stakeholder confidence.

Aspirations achieved

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