Your company has worked hard...

to develop your business, its’ vision, brand, customers, products and services.  

You know that all of this is at risk if your people are not performing.

You know that your managers make the difference and that developing them is an investement in you company.

Demands on managers are changing...

Teams are more complex, multi-generations, diverse cultures and multiple disciplines working at dispersed locations or virtually.

Managers may no longer be experts in their teams work, due to the prevalence of deep specialization.

Increased pressure to innovate, through cross functional team projects.

Changing nature of work, fewer employees work 9:00 -5:00, technology has blurred work and personal time.

In order for your managers to be effective and bring the best out of their teams, they need to develop the skills to be successful. This is more important than ever. Research shows that the best managers achieve better team retention and performance rates. It also has identified the skills required to accomplish this.

Managing people is one of the ten essential work skills (World Economic Forum 2016). 

We help

Senga is committed to developing the behaviors that set great managers apart. That expand your organization's management capacity, accelerate productivity and elevate your employee engagement.. We work with companies that serve their customers through multiple locations, locally or worldwide. Our program that enables their managers from different locations and departments to learn from and support each others development.

What sets us apart

Our people have been managers, we know what it takes. We draw on our experience, current best practices and learning processes that really work, to prepare your managers to excel.

We are dedicated to developing changes in behavior that stick, rather than simply teaching information that seldom makes a difference to practice.

Our program has two purposes, to build the skills and confidence of your individual managers and to increase the capacity of your organization.