Program Design

The Management Fundamentals is a fully integrated learning program combining 10 intimate 90-minute sessions for cohorts of 15 managers. The sessions are facilitator lead online over 10 weeks, with on the job practice and peer coaching reflection. Sessions include evidence based instruction, with group participation, and on the job assignments to optimize behaviour change. The sessions are booked ended with a pre and post assessments and 3 month learning project.


Managers who participate in our program, manage with confidence. They...

Build Strong Motivated Teams

Hire the right people
Develop employees to take initiative, act with confidence, maximize productivity
Engage employees and teams, building commitment, productivity and relationships

Influence Organizational Change

Motivate others to take initiative
Gain Commitment to Action
Lead teams through change, helping them to adapt to change quicker

Achieve Results

Communicate often, to clarify expectations, encourage initiative and acknowledge success
Coach to build capacity and confidence to act independently
Hold difficult conversations to address issues early, resolve conflicts and improve results

Program Details

Program Curriculum

MODULE 1 Program Overview

MODULE 2 Coaching Conversations

MODULE 3 Behavioural Interviewing

MODULE 4 Onboarding & Employee Engagement

MODULE 5 Adaptive Management

MODULE 6 Leading Change & Transition

MODULE 7 Effective Communication

MODULE 8 Leading Difficult Conversations

MODULE 9 Impact & Influence

MODULE 10 Manager as Learner


Management Fundamentals Program

This program helps your managers to:

Explore management practices, at their desk, through facilitated interactive on-line modules

Accelerate learning through on the job practice

Build a peer coaching practice across their organization, which supports continuous learning

How to learn, preparing then to excel in ever-evolving environments

Link with their performance management programs, through measurable learning outcomes