A high-performance work environment is the result of your managers’ skill. They provide direction, coaching, inspiration, and set the standards for their employee’s and team’s achievements. We have identified specific skills that are consistently shared by managers of high performing work groups and teams. We design our programs to build these high performance capabilities. Your managers will learn these skills in our evidence-based designed courses and programs.


We design our programs to overcome the common problem of people engaging both time and money in training only to return to the job, get busy and never apply what they learn.

The 70:20:10 Learning and Development Model guiding our program design links learning to behaviour change.

We know that lasting behaviour change requires a combination of:

  • learning skills
  • opportunities to practice
  • reflection on the application of concepts

We create intimate, virtual learning experiences that are facilitated in real time and which enable your managers to learn from each other, and enhance their relationships.

Morgan McCall at the Center for Creative Leadership